Monday, February 25, 2013

Recap: Archer Oliver One Year Old!

(I somehow forgot I had this post almost all ready to go and be posted on Archer's actual birthday, but never finished and hit 'publish'. Whoops! So pretend it's the beginning of December will ya?)

Please excuse the sobbing. I'm fine with my little baby turning one. It's totally cool.
The only somewhat decent picture I got on his birthday, and it's a little bit of a stinkeye
So what's new with Archer? Well he's walking like a mad thing. He still has this stiff legged walk that is just hilarious. The unfortunate thing about his walking is he really likes to get going fast. Which is funny, but dangerous since he's still a bit wobbly.

Trying to get in on Q's food action. (Please ignore my kitchen. This is mid-party prep)
Feeding him is apparently akin to stabbing him with hot pokers, cause home boy won't let me do it anymore. He must feed himself. WHATEVER BIG KID. He currently loves him some pasta (I just do whole wheat elbow noodles with a bit of sauce. Finally someone will eat the whole wheat pasta I buy). He will eat cheese forever if I let him. Clearly Shawn's son after all. He loves yogurt too and would put down a whole container in about 2 seconds I think.

We're still breastfeeding in the morning & before bed, but I ditched the pump. I couldn't keep spending all my breaks at work pumping and coming away with like, 2 oz for the whole day. Forget that noise. Done. Still trying to decide if I'll completely wean him off the boob. I want to keep going but I am also kinda over it.

I think he's probably in 12 month clothes. Except the thing is? I can't find any of Q's 12 month stuff. It all seems to go from 9 mo to 18 mo. Huh.

Oh you think you're just such a big kid now? And you can open doors and walk away from me?!
The clingy-ness has relented a bit. I think his new found independence with walking has helped with that.
He is hitting the stubborned phase full on. He has quite the piercing whine when he doesn't get what he wants. Fun!

"Do NOT take this bag of dinner rolls I stole out of the pantry away from me, or I will cut a bitch. By which I mean you."
He gives sloppy open-mouth kisses, hugs my legs sometimes, leans his forehead against mine when I ask for a kiss sometimes (instead of the open mouth kiss), he claps, shakes his head 'no' and has started bouncing/dancing sometimes to music. Basically he's sweet and cuddly and I love the crap out of him.

You and I both know I won't manage to get an actual birthday party recap post up. So here are some pictures I managed to get with my phone.

 First the bday boy in his Cat in the Hat shirt and Bday crown (Q had a matching shirt, but I'm pretty sure I only have a picture of his back)

Hard to believe, but he kept this on all day.
Next we have some of the food. I tried to do Dr. Seuss themed food, but had trouble comimg up with things besides desert. Thanks PINTEREST for nothing. Well, I did get a couple of ideas.
My version of green eggs and ham. There were green deviled eggs too, but I don't have a picture.

Not Dr Seuss themed, but tasty and cute

Hop on Pop is my favorite

Cat in the Hat cake Shawn made!!

Yink Pink Ink Drink was just pink lemonade from frozen concentrate. Easy Peasy.
 There were some decorations. Mostly balloons & Dr Seuss books strewn around. Don't really have any decent pictures. I was pretty bad at getting pictures once people arrived. So no party guests either. And once again we failed to get any pictures of me or Shawn with the birthday boy. Lame. I do have a couple more cute ones of Archer though:

Cake you say? Hmmmm

You can't really beat an adorable baby in a crown, can ya?! Happy, Happy Birthday my sweet, squishy boy!

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