Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Q, lately

Q is 2 1/2  today. If I think about how quickly time is speeding by I'll cry like a big blobbering blobber thing, so instead we'll just try and get through a quick update.

If you ask him to say his middle name, Montgomery, he'll say "mamagomery". Yes, it's adorable.

He can remember so many parts of so many books, it's kind of blowing my mind. We have a crap ton of books, so the fact that he is retaining so much is just so amazing to me.

Speaking of books, I took Q to the library for the first time last weekend. Mostly he was interested in the colorful rug in the children's section, and wanted to run and jump on all the letters and numbers printed on it. But he was willing to sit quietly with me to read quite a few books. Little man loves books which makes me so, so happy.

He's been very into monsters lately, which is being encouraged by Halloween. He loves to say "Oh no Dada Monster!" to try and get Shawn to chase him around the house. We're also constantly being chased by monsters and dragons when we're in the car, which makes for some very LOUD car rides.

He loves "Halloween stuff" and "trick or treats." He likes to drag his orange plastic pumpkin bucket (I wanted to buy a cute felt-y bucket, but he was of course drawn to the traditional plastic pumpkin) and put his toys in it and call them treats.

He's quite the bedtime staller and his newest thing to try? Telling me he needs to cuddle. Come. On. I've resisted so far, because I'm a monster. But I don't know, I might not be able to stop myself from pulling him out of his bed for a little snuggle the next time he asks.

When he's thirsty he doesn't need a drink, he needs a COLD drink.

He stopped saying '"Aprise!" when he means Surprise. It's kinda sad when they start saying things correctly, isn't it.

I don't think I'll tell you what he repeated after Shawn said it, but let's just say we really, really need to step up our game on watching the language. It's not even words that I'm so concerned about, but the phrases that come out of our mouths sometimes. ayeayeaye

In the last couple of weeks he has, unprompted, told me he loves me. And told me I'm the best. So, I win.

We have our tough days with him, because you know, he's 2. But mostly? This little dude is ridiculously amazing and smart and sweet and funny and silly. And I couldn't be more happy to be his mama.

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