Friday, October 28, 2011

Flashback Friday

This is a thing people do, right? The Flashback Friday? I'm sure I've seen it and since all I do are steal other people's post ideas, why not this one too.
I recently logged into my Tumblr account for the first time in ages and was looking through the few little posts I'd put out there. There was my 5 month update on Q, and so I thought I'd share it here.

(This post was originally written on 10/6/10 )

Five Months

I see this a lot on the mommy blogs I love so much, so I’m going to give it a whirl.
Dear Quinn,
My goodness, 5 months already! I can hardly believe it. It’s ridiculous how much growing and learning you’re doing, and I know that will only get to be more and more.
Dad and I discovered you’re starting to sit up a bit on your own now. Just for a few seconds, but it’s very cool. Especially since you can do it a little bit without putting your hands on the floor in front of you to balance.
You’ve got 2 tiny little sharp teeth, bottom middle. You gave me a good chomp the other day. Just see if I let you use my hand as a teething ring anymore. : )
You’ve decided that you love to grab EVERYTHING. You see something and you want it NOW. Sometimes I have to hold you so tight to keep you from leaping out of my arms to acquire a desired object.
We’re moving right along with “solid” food. You’ve had rice cereal, sweet potatoes, sweet peas, apples, pears, carrots and bananas You LOVE bananas and carrots.
You’re so much better about being held now. You’ll sit in our laps, or if we’re standing, on our hips.
You just love your jumper. So glad we got it for you. You’re always moving your little legs like you want to jump, even when we’re holding you.
Sleep has been a challenge lately. I think you got thrown off schedule with teething and have yet to get back to something a little more reasonable. You’re quite fond of waking up around 3 or 4am and wanting to jump and talk and play. Not cool dude. Not cool.
I do believe you love naked time. You’re always smiling and laughing when we take your clothes off to change you or for a bath. Perhaps you’ll be one of those little guys that rips his clothes off and runs around nakey?
You seem to recognize us now, and get all smiley when you see us. Sometimes when I get home from work you’ll be hanging out on the couch with dad. And when you see me I get the biggest smiles! LOVE. IT.  You’re just in love with dad. You watch him all the time, when he’s sitting with us, or walking in an out of the room. Clearly you two will be best buds.
You’ve started to show displeasure when you can’t have what you want. Last night you saw a CD on the side of the couch and tried to grab it, dropping the toy you had for this new shiny treasure. When I moved you away you got a bit angry. It’s hilarious. Well, for now. I’m sure I’ll get sick of it really quick.
You love to stare at lights, the alarm clock, the window- really any difference between light and dark. You get a dazed look on your face like a stoned little hippy. Good one.
You’re such a happy little guy. We’re still working on getting laughs out of you. We can get them sometimes, and they so damn cute. You may hold out on the laughs occasionally, but you’re always smiling. And now with those bottom little teeth? It kills me. I’ll miss those gummy smiles, but I can see toothy smiles will be just as cute.
We’re having so much fun with you little man. I’m sad to see you growing so much all the time, but equally excited for your next stages. We love, love, LOVE you honey bunny.

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