Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Five (the I'm so... so scared! edition)

Here we go again my dears!
1) So this is going to be quite a weekend, as I'll be a solo mama until Sunday evening. Shawn had to go out of town. He left yesterday morning after dropping Q off to day care. This the longest we've been apart, and thus the longest I've been left alone with Q. dun dun dun....  Okay, so maybe being alone with my own kid for 3 days shouldn't be so scary. But. I'm 35 weeks pregnant. Which means it's hard to move and I'm cranky & easily irritated. Plus Q is 1 1/2. Enough said, right? Annnnd... Um. I don't drive. Yeah, I know. Weird. Whatev. But that means we're kind of stuck at home for the most part. And of course my whole thing of trying not to let him watch any TV for his first couple of years has backfired on me, because he has only moderate interest in it now. So no throwing on Mickey Mouse for 30 minutes of peace. Hold me. At least I'll have some friends over and helping out. phew

2) Um, is there anything else to say? ALONE WITH MY KID! FOR THREE DAYS!  Oh, you single mama's (including my own) (and sahm's for that matter)  I bow down to you.

3) The baby's room is painted and ready to go! (Well, we have to hang the blinds and closet doors back up. Oh, and we didn't get around to new trim or adding crown molding, but we'll deal with that eventually.)  I'd planned on using my last vacation day (TODAY!) to start washing baby clothes and getting things ready. But well, that isn't gonna happen. Still, I feel like we're a little closer to being ready.

4) You know what occurred to me at 3 in the morning a few days ago? I should probably have a hospital bag ready soon. FIRST time I've thought of it this whole pregnancy. Last time I had a list, and read people's suggestions on what was and wasn't necessary. This time? Oh, right.... I'm having a baby! I almost forgot. And then of course I realized I hadn't though about clothes to bring for the baby. I'm not overly concerned about that whole "outfit to come home in". But I do want to make sure we have something cute for hospital pictures. And, yes, that means I went shopping this week and bought a few cute new things. What? He can't wear hand-me-down's for his special pictures! (which by the way are a total rip off, and we totally couldn't afford them last time, but a family member got the CD of them for us.) If nothing else I'LL be taking a billion pictures.

5) I'd posted something this week to FB or Twitter (or, fine, probably both) about Q seeing pictures of Spongebob at stores and such and saying 'Dada'. Which I found endlessly amusing. Because Shawn is quite fond of watching Spongebob. But really it's not on that often in our house. And like I mentioned earlier, Q doesn't pay much attention to the TV unless there's a song playing. Then we found out that our daycare person (we use an in home daycare) has an older son that watches Spongebob in the morning before he goes to school, so Q sees a bit of it. And she was telling us he's trying to say Spongebob. So we asked him to repeat both 'Dada' and 'Spongebob' and it turns out there is a slight difference between what he says. Still sounds like Dada to me. But I do find it adorable that one of the 10 words he says is Spongebob.

Have a happy weekend, see you on the other side. I hope. 

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