Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Five

Making it in just under the deadline, whew!

1. Shawn got bead board up in our room this week, and it's totally awesome. Still a lot to do in there (and the rest of the house for that matter) but it's so nice to have something checked off our list. I love it.

2. We took little Archer in to both of our offices this week to meet co-workers. I just love showing him off to everyone! You can't hear someone tell you how adorable your baby is too many times.

3. I just have to say I am so glad to have cable again (well, satellite technically). When I was on maternity leave with Q I watched a ridiculous amount of Who's the Boss & Little House on the Prairie reruns because that was all that was on the Hallmark channel. And the Hallmark channel we got besides the basics. I guess I could have also watched a billion court shows every day, but I totally hate that crap. Anyway, now I watch Friends 50 billion times a week and I love it EVERY SINGLE TIME. And I've seen every episode a billion times, but I don't care. Plus no one else is here usually, so I can quote along out loud, ha ha ha.

4. It hit me today how close Q's second birthday is, just over 3 months. Shawn thinks that it's not that close and I'm crazy for thinking we should start planning. It's not like I really plan to do much, but I still want to have a little party here at home. Also Q turning 2 might just kill me.

5. Okay I give up. It's after 8pm and I haven't eaten dinner and don't know what to eat. So no #5 today. Instead I need to go in the kitchen and stare in the cupboard for 5 minutes trying to figure out which of the 5 things I'm willing to eat, will be my dinner tonight.

Have a great weekend dearies!

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