Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snow Days

Okay, so I'm a little late with this, but what else is new? Guess what? IT SNOWED! Yeah. And let me just say there was a shit ton of snow. Well, for the Pacific Northwest. I get it, we can't deal with snow here. But the thing is? We don't really need to most of the time. I'm just SO glad I didn't have to get to work. I missed a couple days last year because I couldn't get into work, and it was a nightmare. (Let me just say that one day I made it out to the bus stop, and a bus came. At the time I lived on one the WORST streets in the area for snow, so it was amazing the bus made it. But it didn't get far. So I got off the stuck bus and walked the rest of the way to the main Park & Ride and waited for a bus there. And waited. But no buses did come. So then I trecked all the way back to my apartment in seriously the worst windy snowy weather. It sucked. Also? people's weather stories are kinda boring, aren't they? Sorry about that).
Anyway, this time I got to stay in the nice warm house with my boys. I never did get to play in the snow, being inside with the littlest one. But Shawn and Q played it up.
Our neighborhood. The trees everywhere looked so cool

Another view of our neighborhood. This is from my front window. Notice the backyard to the side of us. There are about 20-30 bikes and scooters lined up against the fence. We don't know why. And see the trampoline? I'd like to sneak over there in the middle of the night and destroy it. Kids are loud on trampolines.

A little peak at how much we got

From our back deck

No I will not wear pants

Mittens you say?

Huh. We'll see about this. (yes I hadn't removed the jacked xmas banner yet. It's fixed and put away now, promise)

Pretty Cool I guess

Scoopin up the snow like dad

Going for a walk with dad

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