Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Five: Let's Do This!

Another Friday. Another List. Woop!

1. Today I'm pretty preoccupied with plans for the PNW Blogger meetup tomorrow night. I don't know if I can actually say I have any degree of social anxiety. I know people genuinely struggle with it. But I do know this kind of thing makes me just about lose my mind from nerves. But I keep trying to push myself. So as of right now the plan is still on to go. Cross your fingers for me.

2. Although going means my husband driving me and us taking the kids with us. We weren't able to find someone to take them for the night. Oh right, and I don't drive. Have I mentioned that before? Anyway, I tried to tell my husband I could just try and give the ticket away. I mean, a four hour drive to Portland with the kiddos, him keeping them occupied for 3 hours and then another 4 hour drive home? That's kind of a lot of work for a little meetup. But we're doing it I guess.

3. In non-blogger meetup thingie news, Halloween was a success! I did not get many pictures, but I will try and share a few more later. Shawn stayed with Archer to hand out candy, while I made the rounds with Q. He was very good, said 'Trick or Treat!' at every door. Then when I prompted him to say thank you he'd say 'Happy Halloween!' instead. Close enough. We made it up and down our block and then he requested to come home. He found the poorly hidden bucket of candy the next morning and lost his mind when I didn't let him take it with us to daycare. The good thing is we gave him his bucket back last night with only 2 pieces of candy in it and he didn't seem to realize 8000 pieces were missing. Bucket of Candy? Don't mind if I do!

4. So I made a comment to a co-worker yesterday afternoon that Q has yet to have complete meltdown, scream the house down tantrums yet. Well that was a big fat mistake. Because of course he had the mother of meltdowns last night. In public. I was at the mall trying to find a shirt. I was letting him walk along beside me and he was being pretty good checking out the CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS (Just don't. I can't even handle that.) Then we were in a store near it's entrance to the mall. And little dude freaked his freak when I turned to walk in the other direction (like more into the store, away from the mall). He wouldn't come with me, so I took his hand. Then he wouldn't walk and was doing that going limp to the floor thing. So I picked his little butt up and carried him, trying to find Shawn. Meanwhile Q is twisting and trying to get down screaming "Go that way!" as I quietly ask him to calm down. I see Shawn in the distance and just point toward the door like "I'm taking him outside" Of course outside the screaming got worse, he was yelling for Shawn, trying to get down, etc. Shawn eventually just took him to get food while I finished shopping. It was probably my fault for trying to shop when it was basically dinnertime. But man, was that bad. I'm just so afraid that we're at the beginning of a new phase and I'm scared guys.

5. I'm still recovering from Q's meltdown, and combined with my freaking out about tomorrow I can't possibly come up with #5 today. I'm sure you're sad. So.



  1. It was great to meet you at the PNW Blogger Holiday Party this evening! It was my first event and I'm glad I can finally put a few faces to names!