Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Five

1. The funniest thing on the Internet this week? Pamela Ribon's post about about a massage she recently got. Click at your own risk, it's hilarious but gross. (I also recommend actually listening to the audio of her telling the story.)
Oh, and do yourself a favor- If you haven't read her books go do that too. I finished Going in Circles a couple months ago and loved it. I have the new one, You Take it from Here, on my nightstand right now. And I read Why Girls Are Weird years and years ago and loved it so much.

2. After Q finished eating dinner the other day he was a little bit messy. Not Shawn's favorite thing, touching disgusting kids. So he pulled Q's chair away from the table and told him "Don't touch anything!" What did Q do? He, with one little pointer finger, touched Shawn's arm and said "Touch!"

3. Archer is walking like crazy now. I forgot how cute this stage is, when they start walking but they are still just getting the hang of it, so they're a bit wobbly. Pretty fun.

4. I seriously had a moment of confusion this week upon realizing Thanksgiving is next week. I am not ready for the quickness and busyness that's about to start. Shawn's birthday is about a week after thanksgiving, then a week later is Archer's birthday and party. Then I have one of my best girl's birthday, and then there we are at Xmas. Whew. Makes me tired just thinking about it. I think I need to schedule a happy hour/gno or three in between all of that. Because you know, booze.

5. And to end this post another picture of my boys together being adorable. This was Q trying to wake Archer up yesterday morning, which pretty much involved him yelling "Wake up Arch!" in Archer's face.

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