Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Shawn!!

Okay, so Shawn's birthday was the other day (I think he likes to be secretive of his birthday, so we'll be vague) but we're going out tonight to celebrate so this works.

I'm gonna try to not be to sappy here. I suck with words and feelings anyway, so the best I'd be able to do is spout out song lyrics, and nobody wants that. BUT what I will say is, this guy? He's kinda the best.
Being all reverend-y and stuff

A small list of reasons why:
He only makes fun of me on about half of the occasions he could.
He's funny like whoa.
He's smarter than me. And probably you. And that guy too. But he never makes people feel stupid. He's not one of those showoff-y smarty pants kind of guys.
He is RIDICULOUSLY inappropriate. It's awesome and hilarious. Well except when I find out he's been talking about my lady parts to his female co-workers. Really Shawn? Really?
He rewinds the TV so I can take a picture of Joey with the Turkey on his head and Instagram it (even though he doesn't "get" instagram. (I think he thinks it's stupid. So see, he's not perfect.) )
He's the best dad our little guys could ever hope to have.
And a bunch of other junk about being sweet and kind and blah blah blah  ; )

Shawn, I know you'll probably read this eventually, so I love you sweet baby! (everyone else pretend you didn't read that.) Happy 50th Birthday!! (You're not the only one that can make jokes, chuckles.)

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  1. haha you have just described my husband! i absolutely love him for the same reasons. that's my kinda guy :)

    happy birthday to Shawn!