Thursday, November 1, 2012

Archer, lately

Oh boy, sweet Archer. 10 months old already. Okay, almost 11 months old. Where do I start with little Archer? Well he's still just a smiley, happy, sweet little guy. Well, you know, except when he's not. It's just that we're in a clingy phase right now. It's been getting a little better the last week or two, but for awhile there I was losing my mind. He would actually scream his head off if even Shawn tried to take him from me. It's nice to feel wanted, but that's just overkill kiddo.

Okay, so it's a shitty blurry picture, but He's SMILING

Sleep. Ah, sleep. I miss you. Archer's sleep has been getting worse lately, with him waking up as early as 11pm (He goes to bed at 8). We haven't really done much work with him on going back to sleep in his own crib, because wake ups before would be later in the night and he was younger, so I would just bring him back to bed with me to feed him. Now though? This ish has to stop. The thing is I'm just so tired and plus we have Q in the next room and I don't want Archer's fussing to wake him up. So I'm gonna work on it, swear.

Mister is really getting around these days. He crawls so freaking fast, and must be so close to walking. He loves to hold on to my hands and walk around the house. He actually comes up to me and tries to grab my hands and get me walking with him. He's been standing up on his own more and more, walking along furniture, all that. I had a dream the other night he started walking and them him and Q were jumping around. I was scared people.

He's eating like a champ, although we really need to work on giving him food to pick up and chew himself. Anything I try to give him though, he eats. Including broccoli, which I can't get Q to even look at.

Holy vocal chords mister! He likes to make a continuous noise like "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" in the car. It's loud. And long winded. And cute/really irritating.

I'm still breastfeeding, but my supply has gone way down. I don't have the energy at this point to worry too much about it. We were already supplementing with formula anyway. He gets maybe one full bottle of expressed milk during the day, but otherwise formula. I breastfeed him before bed, at night if need be, and in the morning before we get up. I'm beyond sick of being tied to my pump during the day though and am having a hard time not just ditching it before his 1st birthday.

And speaking of his 1st birthday, it's coming up way, way too quick. Trying to enjoy these last days of babyness before it's gone. Sigh. Love this little pink chunk of baby.

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