Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Extra Wide, my A$$

So this week the grandparents took Q to have his feet measured and see if he's outgrown his current shoes. Turns out, he has. He's now a 7 EXTRA WIDE. I believe he was also told he has really big feet. First of all, Extra Wide? That's a thing? Secondly- How can a baby have EXTRA wide feet? He's just a baby. He has tiny, cute baby feets. But I suppose he might grow out of it, right?  Also, this is clearly all my fault. I think I'm just mad that I'll have to listen to my husband make fun of us and our big feet the rest of our lives.
Now tell me, do these look like anything other than the most adorable things you've ever seen? (Please to ignore you can't actually tell how big they are because of his long pants, and that this is basically a picture of his toes)

Also someone told me to write this post, but I think my outrage is more funny in person. Cause, you know, I'm crazy and stuff.

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