Monday, September 12, 2011

Quinn- 16 months (a few weeks late; or 17 months a week early)

I've been bad about keeping track of milestones and such (though really, the fact that I have a baby book that's half full is amazing.) So here we go:

At this point Q would still rather spend all his time running (and I do mean RUNNING) or trying to climb on stuff, than talk. As of this weekend I can identify the following "words" used somewhat infrequently:

More- along with signing it. And after the first time said, volume and urgency increases 10 fold each time until he gets MORE DAMMIT!
Dada- which seems to now have a connection to Shawn, which is fun. I try to get him to yell it all the time, but he mostly ignores me.
Mama- He still mostly says this when eating. So I'm still not entirely convinced he doesn't think "mama" is food.
Ak- Off/on. He's says this whenever we play the light switch game. You know, letting him turn the light on and off until my arms feel like they're going to fall off from holding him up.
Ga- Sure it doesn't seem like a word. But we realized he says this every time he seems a ball, or a balloon.
Kitty- I think. He said it or a version of it a couple times this weekend when Zeke the cat made an appearance. I think.
Clap Clap- I'm still counting this even though he only said it once. But it was so CLEAR and well spoken!

I think he occasionally says "dis" for this but I'm still not sure. And he says stuff all the time that sounds like "hi" or "hey" but he'll never repeat if you ask him to, so who knows.

We're getting into the tantrum-y period now, which isn't fun. His form of anger release is throwing things of course. If nothing is close by, he will seek out something to throw. Fun! It's not too bad yet, but we're close I'm sure.

He's become the best little sleeper ever! We were down to one bottle a day, just before bed. We were afraid to take it away, but decided it was time to start. He could care less apparently. Now when we're ready to put him down, Shawn and I take him to his room *try* to give him hugs and kisses. He just wants to be put down in his bed. Most nights he rolls onto his belly, pulls his baby under his arm and is good to go. AMAZING!  We've also managed to get the binkie to a night time only thing (haha! just realized the picture in this post Q has a binkie. Whoops. I guess MOST of the time it's night only.) Apparently sometimes things are more crutches for parents then kids.

The last few days we've found that he's learned to tell us he's thirsty by making the "ahhh" sound one usually makes after a particularly refreshing drink (which he also does every time he takes a drink.)

He's still dragging me from room to room when he wants me to do something for him, or to play. Not quite as effective as words, but he lets us know what he wants.

He's started to give arms around the neck hugs, which is just the cutest thing ever. And I've lately gotten a smooch or two out of him. He's stingy tho.

He seems more interested in reading now. In fact when furniture shopping last weekend he spent a good 10 minutes obsessed with looking at the fact sheet for a leather sofa I was having a bit of a rest on. I'm trying to leave books ever where for him to help encourage this.

He's started making a lot of strange faces. It's fun to try and figure out what the hell it is he's thinking about.

So while we're getting to that trying toddler stage, he's pretty much a happy, funny & awesome little guy. And we're constantly amazed how lucky we are.

 Q's new fashion statement- bed head, sleepy eyes and "The Ove Glove"

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