Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Five

So I'm stealing this from Sarah Dessen. I personally love weekly recap or list posts and thought I'd give it a shot. 5 seems like a reasonable number of things to come up with. So here we go:

1) Tomorrow is the PNW Blogger meetup. As of right now I'm still planning on going. But it's very possible I'll be a chicken shit and not go. Although Shawn says he's dropping me off no matter what. Fingers crossed for me?

2) This week I had to break down and buy MORE maternity clothes. Which totally sucks, since I only have 2 and half months to go. But I didn't really want to bust out of my pants so it had to be done. On the plus side, in addition to new pants for work,  I got a super cute and cozy coat to get me though the end of November. And also a shirt I love love love. However it was a fortune and I returned it. In it's place I bought three more that altogether were less than the one.

3) WHY can't I stop eating the top pot donuts from Starbucks? I usually don't like them at all, but lately? ALMOST EVERY DAY! It's a problem.

4) After a few mostly decent summer-like weeks, we seem to have entered fall weather. I would be sad, but I feel like I can't really enjoy summer as much as I want to anyway, being at work all day. Then again, maybe just a few more nice weekend days?

5) Signs I should start wearing until the baby is born:
-No we don't have a name picked out and probably won't until he's born.
-Yes, I am big. I'm growing a human. You would be to.
-I am not disappointed I'm having a boy. Seriously. So you don't have to be either. I'd love to have a girl some day, but I wouldn't be making babies if I didn't want another boy.
Okay, rant over. I know people mean well, and I'm sure I've said all these things to pregnant ladies too. I promise to keep answering them with a smile and a thank you for asking. Some days it's just a little exhausting answering the same questions over and over again.

Whew! I made it! Happy Friday lovelies!


  1. Hi Meghan - it was so nice seeing you at the blog meetup last night, I'm glad you came! :) Can't wait to see how that picture of your little man w/ his stache and glasses comes out! LOL


  2. Aw thanks Emily! I was nice to meet you too. I'm curious about the picture too : )
    BTW- Your little guy is adorable! Although I am partial to little blond guys!