Monday, February 20, 2012

Archer Oliver: 2 Months Old!

Little guy, is not so little! We actually just had his weight checked again (At 7 weeks he was 12.5) He's now weighing in at 12lbs 13oz. I forget what the length/ height was, but he's a tall boy! Oh, and the day we had his appointment at the cardiologist they told us they'd had another baby named Archer in their office that same day! Craziness.
He's still sleeping really well, which is so so nice. He's being doing great with daycare and just spends all day being sweet and smiley by all accounts. He's proving to be a really easy baby. And everyone tried to tell us that never happens twice. Liars!

 2 Months! And Robots!

Happy guy! 

 Can we talk about these eyelashes? Ridiculous!

Mister doesn't care for binkies, but hasn't quite got the thumb thing down

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