Sunday, February 19, 2012

Quintin Montgomery: 22ish Months

Little Q is a lot if fun these days. He's also a real pain sometimes. I'm pretty sure if any of us spent extended periods with toddlers before getting knocked up, well we wouldn't get knocked up. Still I guess he's hilarious and awesome more often than not. I have no size stats for you. I can say that I keep having to get new clothes for him. He's still tall and skinny. He says a ton of words now, more and more every day (well when he feels like it.) I try and make him say hat and bert (like of bert and ernie fame) all the time, cause holy cow is it cute. He runs around like a mad thing, loves hop hop, and is quite the enthusiastic dancer. You should see him go. He makes me play or sing the Mickey Mouse hot dog song over and over, and repeat. He still just says 'gog gog' when he wants to watch mickey, sees him somewhere, or wants to hear that damn song. He loves music and has quite a few jams. He loves that KIA commercial with the creepy hamsters and that Party Rock Anthem song. Now if I could just get more dancing and less whining, that'd be great. Also please god make him stop saying 'more' when he wants something. Moremoremoremore.... Okay kid, I get it. I will take moremoremoremore hugs and kisses though.

  One of the more successfully attempts to take a picture together

 A rare quiet moment

 Playing with his little animal guys

 This is what usually happens when I try and take a picture of him 

 Little man loves to color but must be monitored VERY closely

Handsome guy taking a bath 

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  1. A very handsome guy, indeed. Love this little snapshot of what Q is like right now.