Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Five

1. Cougartown returns on Tuesday, the 14th, on ABC. I demand you watch it, for no other reason then I will be pissed off if it gets cancelled because of bad ratings or something. You know, cause everyone else is watching American Idol. (I don't have any idea when American Idol is actually on, but I know it's on, like 4 days a week.) Listen, it's a crappy titled show. They know that, and have poked fun at it. (Here's a video of the cast trying to think of new titles.)  But it's REALLY funny. If you liked Scrubs (and we shouldn't be friends if you didn't. kidding! sort of) you'll like this, promise. And it's not about Courtney Cox scamming on younger guys. Just for the record.

2. Remember how gloaty (is that a word? Well, it is now) I was about getting everything together and leaving the house on time last week? HA! hahahahaha. Monday as I frantically tried to rinse conditioner out of my hair in the bathroom sink (And really I should know better; my hair is so thick that process just takes FOREVER) I realized how silly I'd been. But whatever, I was able to wash bottles and pump parts when I got to work. You just wrap them up in paper towells and shove em in your pump bag. And who wants to eat food from home? Eating out is much more fun. Ok, so I almost cried when I got to work, pulled my cream cheese out of the fridge and realized I hadn't brought my bagel. But monday's are just emotional for everyone, right?

3. Cougartown comes back next week. Tuesday, the 14th. You don't have good valentine's day plans anyway, right? Oh, and if you need a catchup before the season starts I believe this saturday night there'll be a little marathon. ABC

4. Speaking of Valentine's day, I kinda forgot it was coming. I'd had a little project I was going to attempt that I saw on Pinterest. But let's be honest, who actually does any of the thing they see on Pinterest? Oh, you do? I see. Well I just like looking at pretty stuff. Oh, and here I am if you wanna follow. Anyway, my husband probably doesn't really care and my boys are too young right now. But some day I'm gonna be all over heart garlands, sandwiches cut into heart shapes, valentine mail boxes and cute handmade valentines for classmates.

5.Okay, so we're maybe looking into getting a double stroller (although I don't know where we put it. It turns out we really need a bigger car. booo)  Any recommendations would be awesome. Graco has a new one with like 56 configurations, but I haven't looked at it in person yet, so we'll see about that. Also, if I could avoid spending $1000 that would be nice.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. This weekend I'm going to attempt to upload pics so I can finish some posts I have patiently waiting. Maybe do some laundry. Mostly just smooch all over my little guys and try and get some extra sleep.Exciting!

PS- Bonus! #6- Remember how awesome Kristen Bell and the sloth are? Well they've been auto-tuned and it's more awesomeness. Go here!

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